Autra was born and raised in Northern California and is a mother of 3 beautiful girls and wife to an amazing man and architect. She enjoys reading, writing, and painting (obviously…). When not painting or otherwise expressing herself in some creative way, she plays games of all types including video games, board games, and role playing.

She has always had a creative mind spending her whole life expressing herself in various ways in search for the one method that suited her best. As a child, she spent most of her time writing with some drawing here and there. As an early adult, she was discouraged from the visual arts by an art teacher who claimed that writers could not be artists. It then took her quite a few years to convince herself that it was not true.

Autra began painting in January 2016. She is self taught, with her favorite YouTube artist, Jane Font (Painting with Jane) as her mentor. She enjoys lots of color in her artwork and is inspired by nature, the Japanese culture, and anime. Her most favorite pieces are done using just her fingers in the form of finger painting or with a palette knife.